What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound or sonogram is a simple, painless diagnostic test.  The test uses sound waves to create an image of what is happening inside the uterus to help determine how far along the client is in their pregnancy. The ultrasound is available as early as 6 weeks and is performed by a professionally trained sonographer.

Why would I need an ultrasound?

Ultrasound can help us determine if the client has a viable pregnancy, if the pregnancy is in the uterus, and how far along they are. The client’s counselor and one of our nurses will talk with them and help to determine if an ultrasound would be best and when would be the best time to have one done.  If the client has already had an ultrasound or have experienced any bleeding or cramping ultrasounds may not be available to them.  Our limited ultrasounds do not determine the sex of the baby.

What does an ultrasound cost?

Our ultrasounds are free of charge and confidential.